Southwest region not only flutters visitors with lush orchards, endless fields, tranquil green rivers, gentle and kind people... The most attractive thing here is delicious dishes with special flavors that can stir many visitors. Western cuisine is diverse in variety and attractive in terms of flavor, made from natural products, fresh and healthy. Speaking of Western cuisine must mention rustic dishes such as Grilled Snakehead Fish, Grilled Frog by Straw, Banh xeo, Banh cong Dai Tam, Grilled Snail with Pepper, Duck Hot Pot with Chao, Cu Lao Hot Pot, Mam Hot Pot, etc. In general, Western dishes are not only deep and unique in flavor but also associated with the traditional culture of people in the Western area of Vietnam. The highest level in enjoying cuisine is to experience the dishes of the right origin, right space and, understanding of the historical stories of the dish and its name.